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Our mission is to assist visionary entrepreneurs in creating products that truly resonate with their target audience, and the remarkable outcomes of our collaboration speak volumes.
At our core, we specialize in guiding founders to envision market dynamics and opportunities and achieve product-market fit.
  • 78%startups lack in-depth market research for their product/services when they apply
  • 84%startups lack design thinking for a perfect product-market fit
  • 72%do not know how to and what to prioritise
Our proven business framework enhances success rates, providing a solid foundation for startups.

  • 100%streamlined processing and seamless work flow
  • Intense Business Planning and in-depth brain storming
  • Infallible Business Framework for utmost success
We assist in securing the necessary funding to fuel growth.

  • Developing a financial model for better understanding of funding requirements.
  • Preparing startups for Investor interaction with realistic number backup.
  • Helping in securing funds from Seed to Series funding.
With a keen eye on detail, we meticulously monitor processes and progress, safeguarding the interests of our valued investors.
  • CRUX ensures monitoring of each process with reports
  • Team is trained and driven to achieve time bound targets
  • Efficient and adequately rewarded departure is ensured for a seamless experience.
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